Kitchen Backsplashes

Designer Kitchen Backsplashes

A kitchen backsplash is like Puttin on the Ritz in your kitchen.  Adding glass, ceramic and stone tiles keeps your kitchen beautiful and functional for years.  We offer one day installations with no mess and no wet saw in sight.


What is the One Day Designer Kitchen Backsplash System?

Its a system where the kitchen backsplash is already designed and cut prior to installation.

How does it work?

A template is taken of your kitchen backsplash area first, than the design and cuts creating your kitchen  backsplash are all done offsite.

Why would you want to cut and design the kitchen backsplash offsite?

This process frees up the kitchen and allows the design to be shifted around, making it a perfect fit.


Vacation Rentals can easy obtain a beautiful kitchen backsplash or under bar area with this system.

How Is the kitchen backsplash installed?

One piece at a time like a  jigsaw puzzle.